Sample Exercise Screen

The following image is a sample screen for the exercise. Please refer to this image when you read the instructions below.

Sample exercise screen


Please read the following instructions below before you start the exercise.

  1. Answer all the questions.
  2. Answer a question completely before you move to the next question.
  3. Once you move to the next question you will not be allowed change the answers of previously answered questions.
  4. There is a time limit allocated for each question. You are expected to answer the question within the time limit. After the time limit is over you will be automatially moved to the next question and receive 0 marks for the current question.
  5. After answering a question click on the Next button to move to the next question.
  6. After answering all the questions submit your answers by clicking on the Submit button.
  7. After you have read the instructions click on the Take the Exercise button below to begin and start answering the questions. Best of luck!